The Ideal Gluten-Free Food To Include In Your Diet

Cassava, also known as manioc or tapioca, is a NATURALLY gluten-free food that is perfect for making delicious recipes.

The use of this superfood in the daily diet of people in Europe and Latin America is becoming increasingly common. Cassava in general is an IDEAL food for coeliacs due to its high fiber content, its lack of gluten naturally and its low fat level.

In addition, it is a very easy food to combine at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cassava has become famous among sports enthusiasts and active people for its high energetic value when it comes to exercising the body.

The most common product in the market is undoubtedly “Las Tostadas de Yuca” (also known as Casabe). They are crunchy toasts, to combine with any type of side dish or dip, being an ideal food for celiacs because it is the perfect substitute for bread.


1. Low fat
2. High in Fiber
3. Low Salt
4. Sugar Free
5. Vitamins A, B (2, 3, 6, 9), C and D.

As it is an extremely popular ingredient among celiacs, cassava-based dishes can now be found in restaurants of all kinds around the world.

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