Main benefits of cassava

Satiating effect

By nature, cassava has satiating effects because it offers enough nutrients for our body. It is highly recommended for
diets. Cassava also brings a lot of energy, so it is recognized in athletes and young people.

This tuber is able to satisfy hunger efficiently due to its high energy properties and low fat content.

Very low in fat

Cassava is a popular food for its low fat content. The food is popular among nutritionists for its composition and its efficiency when it comes to reducing weight or complying with a diet.

Suitable for celiacs

Cassava is used to make toast with 100% gluten-free flour naturally. As it does not contain gluten, it is an excellent option for celiacs. Their products are a great option to replace cereals and look for a good source of carbohydrates and fiber.

Protects bones

Among the main vitamins offered by cassava we can find a high level of vitamin K, which strengthens our bones.

Cassava-based products also have a high calcium index to keep teeth and bones strong and prevent injury. Similarly, cassava is a source of vitamin A, C, iron and potassium.

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