A Healthy Alternative to Bread

Most of the bread we consume today can be classified as ultra-processed. The main reason is due to the refined flours that are usually used in their preparation, added to the high amount of salt that is added.

In addition, these white breads are full of additives and cause the consumer to gain weight. This is indicated by studies from the University of Las Palmas and the University of Navarra published in the British Journal of Nutrition and BioMed Public Health. The studies conclude that “white bread consumption (from two or more servings per day) showed a significant direct relationship with the risk of obesity and/or overweight”.

We have all been trying to find a healthy alternative to bread, and that is why the famous cassava toast, also known as CASABE, has arrived in Spain. This ancestral product has arrived in Spain to compete with bread worldwide.

The tostadas, made only with organic cassava, have proven to be a healthy option for bread lovers, standing out for their nutritional benefits and satiating effect. Undoubtedly, they should not be missing in the kitchen of people who have an active life due to their high level of fiber and low level of fat.

Additionally, they are one of the few naturally gluten-free products (meaning that they do not undergo any chemical gluten extraction process), so they are also often present in recipes for celiac or gluten-sensitive people.

Cassava, with more than 8,000 years of history as a food, is recognized worldwide as a SUPER FOOD. Cassava tostadas are a healthy alternative to bread and have returned to our diets to help us with a healthy, nutritious and delicious diet. We must not forget the good customs of our ancestors, especially when it comes to REAL FOOD.

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